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This came up in a forum and it was suggested I put it in the blog (lately the forums seem to be the main source of entries in the blog, I’m afraid). And it comments on the possibilities, yet unrealized, that could be there for bluetooth. This is something I had been thinking for a while and which believe could be achieved with current technology.

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One feature I’ve often wanted on a PDA is an alarm that goes off whenever the PDA and I get more than about 2 meters apart. But I guess I’d have to have a transmitter surgically implanted…hmmm, might still be worth it. It’s about time I became Bluetooth-enabled anyway. In my peer group, that would be one heck of a status symbol; especially if I could get one with the blue blinking light :-)

Something I’m waiting to see are bluetooth keychains (or better yet, a combination keychain/bluetooth/USB Drive w/256MB..:) which are charged through the USB port.

I am a mac user and have been using Salling Clicker since it was named differently, and depend on its functionality 100% (I’m sure something similar exists for windows -Phonefront, I think- and Linux -No idea- but I’ll focus on the one I’ve used and know).

This resident program actually monitors, as often as you’d like, your bluetooth devices. You can program it to «sense» the device when in range and do things to either of the devices when connected. For example:

When you «enter» range:

-Your phone gets a «menu» wherein you can control your computers applications. I have it set to control PowerPoint/Keynote, the iTunes MP3 player, the DVD player and some basic mousing around and screenshot taking, as well as taking some info from the computer like uptime, info about songs or sending/receiving messages in my IM application.

-Your computer «knows» the phone is in range, so whenever the phone gets a phone call the computer looks up the number in the local addressbook and shows you the information about that contact BEFORE you pick up, letting you see the picture of the person and the basic information you require about them.

-The DVD or MP3 players go to «pause» and the computer goes to «mute» modes when an incoming call is detected.

When you «exit» range:

-Your IM (ICQ, AOL, MSN, Yahoo) is put in «away» mode
-Your screensaver is started, password protected (when you «enter» range it can be deactivated automatically, making your phone, effectively, your password)
-Your MP3 or DVD player are put in «pause» mode and the computer in «mute» mode.

As it is, the Salling clicker currently supports this for both BT Phones (SonyEricsson support the most features, I think) and Palm devices (the UX included!) and is FULLY scriptable, meaning that you can make your own action scripts to be acted if what you need is not available (which, coupled with the Mac’s impressive scripting capabilities, opens a TON of possibilities. For example, a company that makes home automation software has published scripts that let you control your house’s Air Conditioning, Lighting, Exterior Lighting and conceivably bathtub filling from your phone or palm).

Now, if someone where to make a portable, keychain-like, bluetooth device, you could set-up similar relations between your BT devices, and if you keychain ever separated more than the BT range allows for you could have your phone start beeping and vibrating to let you know.

This can be done right now, although I’m not sure if anyone ever has.

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