Short Rant

I have no idea if I read this somewhere or I made it myself. I do like it, tho:

«If I were a U.S. citizen I’d rather have a president that gets a hard-on from women -tastes aside- than from nuclear missiles thrown to third-world countries».

I may be missing a point or two there. I don’t care much either. If the worst you can complain about a president is that he smoked pot in high-school or college and that he likes to frolic in the oval office with interns I’d be happy. If this are such big deals I also wonder, as a non-US citizen, why then is all the love there for JFK? The man was known for being a wild partyman and even wilder ladies’ man. Double standards or moron-standards? You choose. Nobody reads this so I couldn’t care less about opinions..:)

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