Microsoft is recognizing Linux’s threat. Apple is recognizing Linux’s strengths. Linux is, as always, trying to do everything at once and being moved by the tides of other platforms and waiting on the wings until something has been reached to swoop down, take a look and imitate (and usually enhance it in the process, although sacrificing usability and looks..:) it the best it can. What will happen next year?

Well, I’ve fallen again. Fallout 2 is here and I’ve just spent four hours straight in it since installing. What is it about this game?

I don’t get it. It’s not fast-paced. It’s not multiplayer. The graphics and animations leave a little to be desired… And yet…

Fallout was my nemesis a few years ago (four or five, can’t remember). I hacked and hacked at it until I finished it. And then I had to practically be pried off the keyboard when I tried to do it all over again choosing different paths (I had left so many conversations where I would’ve liked to say otherwise, or be a smart-ass instead of a polite citizen).

Now I’ve got Fallout 2. Three years after the rest of the world has played it completely and finished, and I’m hooked all over again. The animations of the characters are bad (compared to Fallout 1), pretty much 90% of the game is the same thing as the one before: Run around, pick stuff up, kill baddies, return with stuff, complete quests… And still I’m hooked.

I dunno, I like the new games, I like Warcraft III and Star Wars: Battlegrounds like the next guy, I play Quake like there’s no tomorrow. But one of my favorite games still is fallout (which, to be true, has almost zero-replay value, unless you count forcing yourself to play it all over again with a different character).


I have to leave. I have to take some wood to some drunkard’s still so it keeps running so he can give me $50 and I can keep on looking for Vic, the Trader. That is, unless I learn how to skin those damn desert geckos.

The first post to my first Blog. Somehow I thought this would feel better…

Well. I have finally set-up my Blog. After three hours mucking around with Perl, PHP, MySQL and Apache I have convinced Jaguar (MacOSX 10.2) to run this for me. I have probably opened twenty or so security holes in the process, since I practically hammered all the programs into working as expected (or the closest to it one could expect) and now I am here, at 3:06 am staring at my brand-new Blog and deciding it’s just too late to even think of changing the templates for the interface.

So, here it is and it’ll stay this way for a while. At least until I get some sleep.